My sewing machine

It seems another trend going around the crafty blogs lately - showing off your sewing machine! Of course, I had to get in on it; I love my current machine! It's a Husqvarna/Viking 6460, and probably older than I am! But it's a workhorse, and it's never let me down, (unlike my first machine, a cheap plastic Husky star, that died within 18 months of purchase.) It's all metal, and probably 30-40 lbs, I don't tend to move it very much though. I use the metal casing to my advantage, sticking every little doodad right at hand, with magnets!

I found it on Ebay, and I looked for this particular model, because it's what my Mom's been sewing on my whole life. (Her's is 1970"s brown, though - LOL!) And, coincidentally enough, my twin sister has a Viking 6400 series as well. Great minds think alike! :P I use a vintage incense holder for all my broken or damaged sharps (needles & pins.) It's Confucius! I use a small plastic divided container to hold all of my machine parts, presser feet, needles, and anything else I might need to sew.

Recently, I heard a rumor that Viking isn't manufacturing out of Sweden anymore, so I'd caution potential new buyers to review newer model's performance. My machine is 20+ years old, and (knock on wood!) is still sewing strong!


  1. That is a good looking sewing machine! Tastefully rainbow-ey.

  2. Nice machine! I just received the same machine from my mother in that awesome brown. I'm still trying to figure it all out. I only have the "A" cam and I'm not sure exactly how to get the different stitches out of it. So far I'm good for a straight stitch. I'll have to see if my mom has the other cams somewhere. If possible could you email me or post on my blog what the different buttons and knobs are for? I think I have them down but having someone tell me what they do would be a great help.



    ron at rongaulden dot com

  3. Just curious -- have you figured out how to get the different stitches out of this machine. I just got one via Ebay with all the cams, but can't figure out how to get anything other than a straight stitch. I've got the manual, so I think I'm doing it the right way, but I must be missing something. I can't even get a zig-zag (which you shouldn't even need a cam to get).

  4. Yeppers, the zig zag stitch is aceived by turning the upper left dial (it's just above the magnet with yellow pin-heads here.) Depending on your model, it should do straight stitching, zig-zag, multi step zig-zag and button hole stitching.

    To engage the cams, they need to be in place (at the back of the machine,) while you adjust the dials on the front, to match the color of the stitch you desire. As you turn them, the machine should "grab" the cam, and pull it slightly deeper. If you can still pull it out, it's not engaged properly. (I would've emailed this to you, but you're profile isn't viewable, and you didn't leave an email addy.) If you have any more questions, just let me know!

  5. Our 30+ yr old 6460 broke recently. I took it to the shop where we bought it (gosh they got old!) and the repairman (same guy) wiggled the wheel and said "You haven't had this serviced since you bought it have you?" Seems the original grease evaporates over the years so it was running metal to metal.

    $200 bucks later we have a "better than new" machine according to the old guy. I promised to bring it in every 3 years.

    So if you haven't had it serviced, do it.



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