A new year, a new leaf... and chocolates, mmmm!

Last year, I spent a large amount of time making myself feel bad about all of the things I wasn't doing to improve my blog and store. I set super high expectations for myself, and I didn't reach them… no surprise, but still disheartening, nonetheless. I wanted to get so many things done, and then winter set in.

Chicago winter always gets me, because it goes from a regular amount of sunlight during a day, to practically none. Plus, there's always the grey to look forward to. The particular shade that settles around the suburbs where I live, is the most depressing thing I think I've ever laid eyes on. It permeates my brain, and inevitably ends up leaving me in a funk. Last year I tried to focus on tutorials to get past it, but I was always self conscious about the photos that went with them. Something about the lack of natural light during this time of year… it just drives me nuts.

And feeling nuts isn't very conducive to writing a blog. But the most interesting part is, that even though I wasn't writing for my blog for the last couple months, that's all I could think about. So it seems only right that I come back to it now, because I have a new strategy to go with my new outlook.

Last year was all about constraining myself. Setting goals, and then beating myself up for not reaching them, all the while setting myself back further on all of my other goals and aspirations. I've learned that even though I need to work on discipline, I also need to cut myself some slack. Even though I'm a perfectionist, I'm not perfect; and I need to just own that. Perfect is a goal I aspire to - with the knowledge that it's unobtainable. It should be fuel for motivation, not procrastination.

So I'm calling this one the year of water, because I want to go with the flow of things, and not take every last little thing so seriously. That's pretty much my new outlook and strategy, with a big emphasis on going with what works for me, and not obsessing over what doesn't.

It may seem simplistic, but I think it's easy to lose the most simple of things like perspective in this world we live in. It charges us to be consummate consumers, and I will never be one. I love to create, I love unique - I've always had the perspective that if we were all the same, what a boring world! Even if it were full of Brangelinas… if they were all that gorgeous, what would gorgeous mean then? If all the flowers were roses, what significance would a rose have then? What would colors be without the full spectrum to enjoy? How about chocolates?

Heehehehehe. These are amazing, I can barely believe I kept my greedy fingers off them long enough to snap this photo! They came from Candinas Chocolatier, google them, they're incredible!!!
Chocolates - Candinas

In 2008, Crafty Ginger will be my take on crafting a personal and unique home and wardrobe (of course accessories, too!) with haute couture finishing. I'm not sure if I've ever admitted it here, (partly because I think it makes me sound vain,) but part of my loathing of mass-market items is how much they cost versus how cheaply they're made; and how inexpensively I can recreate something even while I'm being meticulous about the finishing and details. My version is better, in just about every way (see, I knew it made me sound vain!) But that's why I make things, because I can make them better for me; and I want to write more tutorials, and get better at sharing how you can make them better for you.

That's why I started blogging, to share crafts and inspiration; and I'm sad I lost touch with that for a time because I was so focused on my store. But I'm excited to regain focus and perspective, and I’m really hoping for a great 2008! A lot of other bloggers are excited for their next crafty adventures, and I'm super excited for them, too!


  1. Yay! Welcome back, blogging mojo! Your new focus sounds great. Save me a chocolate ;)

  2. Welcome back! Here's to a great New Year! I know you will create immaculate things and share lots of great insight as you always do! :)

    Alice @ http://kathrynivy.com

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I think many crafters have trouble spending money on store bought home decor and clothing, because we know how they are made and how much they actually cost. I have no trouble spending money on something handmade though, and handing that money to a real person instead of a corporation.

    Try not to beat yourself up too badly when you don't meet your own personal expectations. Instead, celebrate what you do accomplish. That is one of my goals for the new year.

    Have a wonderful year!

  4. Sounds like a great outlook for 2008! ... and those chocolates... drool...

    P.S. I think your Buckingham yarn would be great as a Clementine or something like it. My mom is really enjoying hers : )



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