FO Friday - Raspberry Delight Scarf

Ooops! I'm late to post this, but i guess better late than never, eh? Hehe.
Raspberry Delight

You know, it should be called the "Lazy Ribbon Scarf," because it's so easy - and I've done the repeats so many times now, I could do the 24 row chart in my sleep with one arm tied behind my back… (well, not really! But, you get my point!)

Raspberry DelightIt's easy. Really. I promise, once you "get it" - it's like riding a bike. Lace may be scary at first because it looks so complex and impressive; but it's not impossible to manage! Especially if you're knitting with Malabrigo! It's yummy in a way only a knitter can understand!

So, admittedly this one took me longer than anticipated to finish. I wanted it done by the end of February and it's June now. I know, (please don't remind me!) But, to be fair, it's only because I procrastinated it until the absolute last minute, for no other reason than I'd done this pattern a bunch of times already! Ha - and Oy - both!

This was the first time I'd done this pattern in a variegated colorway though, so that was a lot of fun. I'm almost sad to gift this one away I like it so much! (I have enough of these Lace Ribbon things, though! Hahahah!)

Specs: see it on Ravelry!


  1. Absolutely beautiful - you can be so proud of this scarf!

  2. It looks tasty! Nice job.


  3. This is really beautiful! I love your blog. By the way...I noticed that you made some Tiffany Blue cake pops last year some time. I'm wondering if you can tell me what colors of food coloring you used to get that beautiful color of blue. Will you please email me?



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