Comment Moderation - Now On...

I've had to turn on comment moderation, as there's a been a large spat of spam links popping up around here lately... I hate to do it, because I hate those robot foilers with a passion; but I hate going back and deleting spam comments even more! So, I hope you all can bear with me, and still leave comments - I really appreciate them! And sorry for the change, I really didn't want to do it, but I feel my hand was forced.


  1. But what if you're readers want to know about penial enlargement or free money or iphones? We'll miss out on all that great stuff!!! If we don't see an ad, how will we know what to buy?
    Sorry for the super-sarcasm... feeling a bit cheeky this morning...
    Also, pleasepleaseplease put up wip photos of your bauhas throw, I'm DYING to see it!

  2. Ok - but it's only 25% done, and I just got the rest of my yarn dyed last night!

    Besides, the links were to Japanese pron, so that's just plain disgusting! Lolz



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