WIP Weekend!

After much internal debate (about what I could/couldn't cut out, to realistically finish,) I've made my July - To Finish list. On it are only 5 things, but I think I can finish them, and dammit I'm gonna try!
  • Black & White Floral Memo Board - Just needs buttons tufted on, felt backing attached and mounting hardware.
  • Black Microspun Dream Wrap - Finish knitting 2nd ball, weave in ends, block & add fringe.
  • Craftster Challenge Entry - One Tiny Thing - This one's gonna stay a suprise for now!
  • Boucle Knitting Tote - The most work left, by far. Ironically, I was just thinking matching ballet slippers would go great with this bag - that I haven't even made yet!!!
  • Open Etsy Store - Photography, packaging and inventory.
The Memo board is mostly done, with the wrap a close second. I just hope I have enough time to finish the bag, it's the biggest challenge of all! The inventory for the store is a small issue, but I do need to get better pics of what I have. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, looking forward to seeing your WIPs finished, especially the memo board...sounds spectacular! Ginger's very cute, well, except for the chewing up everything part, hehe.



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