Time Flies!

Jeez... I haven't updated since the middle of last month! I really can't believe July went that fast! I knew I had been procrastinating getting good pictures of what I finished, but now I really feel like a lazy bum! Ok, self! Get it together! LOL

Hopefully, pictures will follow this afternoon; I've finished the black & white floral memo board, the microspun dream wrap and a new knitting needle roll for me (of course it's Tiffany blue!) I'm making good headway on my Craftster Tiny Challenge entry - thanks very much to Shirley's wonderful words of encouragement! She has a great blog - go check out Warm Fuzzies! Thanks girl - you rock! I hope your linen shows up soon, it sucks to be waiting on materials. I mostly wait on my lazy ass procrastinating things I have control over! LOL

1 comment:

  1. Still waiting for those photos, you lazy butt! Dum dum duuuuuum. Just kidding, hehe. Well, kind of. If there's a dance I could do, or some voodoo I can chant to get the pictures to magically appear, I'd do it.

    And for the record, *you* rock more than I ever could. =)



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