FO - Black Dream Shoulder Wrap

Well, the wrap has been done for almost a month now, but I was a lazy-butt with pictures... and posting them! LOL Well, here it is finally! (Click to see a bigger pic @ Flickr) I hope it cools down here soon, so I might actually want to wear it out!

Dream Wrap

(I might trim the fringe shorter... I left it long so I'd have the option. My husband & I agree it might be a little too long @ 13"! LOL I just like to cover my bases... I have the tendency to change my mind mid-project!)

Here's the Specs -
  • 2 balls of Lion brand Microspun, black - 100% Microfiber Acrylic
  • Cast on 60sts with sz7 needles (held with addl sz2 for looser cast on & off)
  • 32 (6-row) repeats of the modified-dropped-cable
  • 5 rows of hand-tied fringe - 13" long (considering shortening this up...)
  • Dimensions before blocking - 11"wide by 40"long (w/o fringe)
  • Dimensions after blocking - 11.25"wide by 46" long (w/o fringe)


  1. Wow, beautiful! I especially love the fringe work. You did a great job, it's absolutely fabulous. =)

  2. this is such a cool idea! i may have to try this out with some yarn i have in my stash--i made a dream swatch from noro sakura, and i loved the making of it. i think i would wear a wrap more than the headband, however. thanks for the inspiration! :)



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