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whipupI knew I wanted to enter in August's Whiplash challenge when I saw the topic - Wardrobe Surgery; I just didn't know what I was going to make. Then I saw Etsy's Craft: challenge, and inspiration hit! I believe craft is a very misunderstood word in America today, so I used the definition of the word to decorate a plain white skirt. I saw a few pieces of clothing a few years ago, done by Anne Demeulemeester, and this really reminds me of that. I think her words were screen-printed on, but I really like the bleeding-effect the fabric pen had. Originally I was going to use a more scrolling, French-ish font… but I've recently been watching a lot of Firefly & Serenity lately, and thought I'd take a more authentic, slightly Western, but not prairie style. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out, and it was really easy-peasy! I found snow-white cluny lace at the craft store, and knew that was all I wanted to add. (I struggle with where to stop sometimes, although not to Santino proportions!) I believe this would go in the Embellish/Decorate category.

Here is the "before" picture...
Plain white skirt...

And here's the "after!"
Craft: Skirt

Craft: Skirt
Time - 20mins to position & trace words w/ fabric pen, 5min to pin & 15min to sew lace
Total time - 40 minutes
Cost - Skirt 29.99$, fabric pen 1.99$, lace 2.28$
Total cost - 35$

I really couldn't be happier with how this one turned out! I hope you guys like it! I'd love to hear comments!


  1. I love this! What a great way to embellish a skirt...love love love the lettering. Great job.

  2. wow, it is very cool. and the text font - super nice! I don't know how you got it so even and "printed" but I'm in awe!

    go girl!

  3. Beautiful! I love the font you chose.

    I have been netflixing Firefly lately as well - I understand your inspiration.

  4. Oh, it is lovely! What a cool idea!

  5. That is stunningly beautiful. Simple, clean, just... *eeeeeee*! The quote is lovely and fits perfectly for the etsy-craft: competition. Again: beautiful!

    (What font is that?)

  6. It's Henry Morgan Hand - I really loved it for this!

    Aiar, you did a KILLER job on your jacket reconstruct! It's awesome! I'm so honored you stopped by and your words are so sweet! Well, everyone's are so nice! Thanks everybody!

  7. love, love, love this!

  8. Ooh, thanks Kari! I'll add it to my _morbidly obese_ font collection.

    I've put in a comment that your skirt deserves it's own category. For me, it is more a work of art than a simple piece of clothing.



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