Razor Cami - UFO

After I saw Kati's cami, on the knit-a-long, I knew I wanted to try it. It's my first sweater, first circular and first lace project ever! I'm pretty proud of my progress, I started about 2 weeks ago. Here I'm at 16" in, and I need to measure (myself,) to see if I want it longer than the pattern calls for. I should probably just split for front & back though, because I don't have very much of my second (& last,) ball. (YarnMarket only had 2 left, last I checked!)

Razor Cami - WIP

Razor Cami Detail

I whipped up a set of stitch-markers for this project, so counting would be easier. I'm SO glad I did, there's 12 sts between each, and I can even knit the lace in front of the tv!


  1. What a great color. Your razor cami looks like it's coming along nicely. It's very beautifu, I really like the lacey look. It looks almost done...won't be a UFO for much longer!

  2. I'm almost at 16" on my Razor Cami and would like to know what you ended up doing for yours when it came time to divide for front and back. I'm debating now if I want front ribbing, so any help would be appreciated. I love how yours looks! I have a pic of mine (so far) on my blog.



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