This is another rant, I'm sorry it's not timed a little better!

I just needed to vent a little about the contests in Blog-land… See, I enter them every time I see one, and keep hoping I'm going to win something. Even just to win would be great, I don't ever win anything, except maybe an occasional Ebay auction.

So when there seemed to be about a dozen contests for the new book, Craft, Inc. - I thought for sure I'd snag a copy. After all, most people holding drawings for it had multiple copies; my chances had to be better than zero, right?

Nope, nah, and forgettaboutit jump to mind, because even though I've lost count of how many contests I've entered, I haven't won a single one. Not a pat on the back even, and I'm sure I can't be the only one. There are so many contests out there, and there ends up being so many entries; that I basically think I don't have a shot in Hell. It's a little frustrating, to see so much giveaway love around, and not feel a part of it. I know that means I should try harder; but it's tough to bother entering sometimes, when I think I have no chance at winning.

This seems like such a childish rant, but I can't be the only one who feels left out sometimes. That's universal, or at least I'd like to believe it is...


  1. You're not alone. I finally stopped entering contests because I never won any lol.

  2. I entered like 5 contests this week, I guess we'll see if I end up winning anything ;)

    Sometimes I read blogs and people talk how they have won numerous contests. Some people have all the luck!

  3. I pretty much never win blog contests either, or charity raffles or anything. Someday though, I figure I'll win big. ;)

    Also, my word verification is izmad. Seems fitting!

  4. I don't win either. I've stopped entering a lot of "contests".

  5. I've never won a contest either! Whats up with that?! I think us unlucky people should get together and have a contest of our own.

  6. I know just what you're talking about. In fact, the other night I told my hubby I was going to start enter contests with HIS name and web site, because he wins stuff whenever he enters!

  7. I never win either. Maybe we should start our own contest and rig it so that each of us "never winners" wins.

  8. A few months ago I won several blog contests in a short period of time -- it was great! Haven't won anything before or since, but I'm routing for you to win!

  9. Hoping this cheers you up a little - you did win a runner up prize in my giveaway ;-) Sadly not the main prize but I hope you'll like it anyway!

    Mail me at dottycookie at gmail dot com to say whether you'd prefer sewing or knitting goodies, and to give me an address to send it to, and a package will be on its way ...



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