I'm going to Hawaii...

...next week! I can hardly believe it! But, I really had such high hopes for posting more regularly this week. See, I have a lot of it already written, I've just been procrastinating the photo shoots. I know I need to set up some lighting, I rely on the sun right now (and I'm sure I've said it before,) but Chicago isn't that sunny - even in summer. Actually, this summer was much sunnier than last; but it was so overcast and rainy. Plus, I'm not that good at balancing priorities - especially when there's more than one important thing to juggle.

Since I'm going to be on a cruise to Hawaii for 2 weeks, I needed to pick up some fancy clothing. It's really been preoccupying my brain lately, because I don't generally get dressed up that much anymore. I can't believe how much work shopping is, especially when it's not the season you're shopping for (I was looking for spring/summer tops & skirts, and it's all fall stuff - darker colors and much heavier textures.) Oy! I did find some really great stuff, but all of the mall-hopping and walking really did me in. I'm glad my vacation's in a week, I need it! Hehehe.

I'm glad to report that I also got a fair bit of Christmas shopping done, and I'm so glad! Since my birthday is so close (3 days before,) I always end up stressed out - and who wants that for their birthday? I started a few months ago with what's turning out to be one of the only handmade gifts I'll be giving this year. It was a big project, and it's been tough not to spill the beans here, but the recipient is watching! LOL


  1. I wish I was going to Hawaii next week, hehe. I'm sure you're going to look absolutely fabulous...as always. Take lots of photos! And have fun!

  2. Lucky you! You're going to have a blast!

    Did your dress ever arrive from Bluefly? I'm dying to know how that ended up :)

  3. I'm jealous...

    Have a great time!

  4. Do you think I could fit in your suitcase?

    I know what you mean about the lighting and photos. It's almost dark when I get home from work and I always sleep too late to take photos in the morning! It's supposed to be sunny today in Chi, but alas I'm at work! Maybe tomorrow.

    Lolly had a great tutorial on lightboxes last week ( http://www.lollygirl.com/blog/ ) I'm going to try it out.



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