The I can't believe it's another Lace Ribbon Scarf (but it's really a wrap!)

aka the longest post title ever! (I think it will actually be named the Lavanda Lace Ribbon Stole, because "the I can't believe it's another Lace Ribbon Scarf but it's really a wrap" is just too long.

Lavanda Lace Ribbon - Detail

It happened so fast. I had only cast off for my first Lace Ribbon Scarf (aka Smokey Pearl) days earlier, but I just could not get it out of my head. Like that friggen
Lavanda Lace Ribbon Kylie Minogue song... hehe. Then I got into a funky mood I just couldn't shake, and I decided that another lace ribbon project would be fun & enjoyable, knowing that I've worked the repeats a bazillion times already. I actually did lose a stitch on one of my k2tog's, but I dropped the row down and fixed it, then used a tiny crochet hook to work all the stitches back up to my working row. Normally I'd have ripped back to the mistake and fixed it, but it was 9 rows back, and it's 107 stitches wide. I'm proud I could manage it without ripping back, I'm so obsessive about mistakes sometimes.

Lavanda Lace Ribbon - End

On an entirely different note, where the hell did June go?!?!! This whole year has gone so fast, it seems. I just really wish I had more to show for it - lately it's like if I have the time & energy to craft, I don't get around to blogging about it. But, If I spend the time blogging, it's like I don't have the motivation to craft as well... kind of a weird feeling, especially since I wish I could do it all.

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