Cupcake Pops!

Oh my word, Bakerella has done it again! As if her totally delicious cake pops weren't cute enough, she's reinvented them in the form of mini-cupcakes! Of course I had to try and make my own, and I think they're actually a bit easier than traditional cake pops. Definitely cuter!

Cupcake Pops

I ended up ordering a few molds on Amazon, normally I like to buy locally; but for whatever reason, I could only find very small cup molds. Bakeralla's link works great, the cups are big enough for my regular sized cake pop balls (approx. 1 rounded teaspoon.) Hehe, balls. Deciding how much candy melt I needed around the bottom & sides was a bit tricky.The fun part was topping them off! I even added some sprinkles! Don't they look delicious?!?!?!!!


  1. Hah! Those are insanely cute :)

  2. Yes! They look absolutely delicious! I have to say these pops just get cuter and cuter every time you make them!

    Alice @ http://kathrynivy.com

  3. Out of control cute!

  4. Very cute. I made these using the mold, so I have a question. When did you put the sticks in them?

  5. these are my sons favourite!!! He just told me...he's never had them before, he just saw this picture! ;)

  6. these are so fun! i'm going to have to try them...



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