Where life takes you...

I've been thinking a lot lately about how much our lives can change for the positive, when we open ourselves up to the scary vulnerable state that is change. Especially us women... we want the change alright, but it also scares the crap out of us. There should be a "Crappers, I'm sorry" message for when my brain blanks. Seriously.

The reason for all of the thinking, (for all 3 of you who care! lol) is that I have a job interview on Friday. It's informal & with a small business, and the woman on the phone seemed wonderfully down to earth, friendly and honest. I use the phrase "down to earth," because she's Beth, who runs Lorna's Laces*. I will repeat that, for those of who who couldn't do the math there... I - me, awful blogger, etsy shop failure, small potatoes me - have an interview with Lorna's freakin' Laces this week! They make the best yarn!

I might even be able to put the year I spent on college in Fine Arts to use, so how bout that?!? Yes, Mother, if you're still reading my blog, you were right, it does count for something. Hhmmph.

So, I need some virtual hugs people! My support system at home is limited, and I hate burdening my awesome sister too much with my neediness (or my DH, who works so hard so I can maybe grab an opportunity like this one!) Even sappy cheerleader comments would be appreciated at this point! And, thanks for reading this and maybe thinking of, or posting. I know just how life gets in the way of best intentions.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2010 to the whole Craft-Blog-World!

Shirley, June, Karrie, Adrienne - you are the kindest friends a girl could have, even though we're all so far away. I hope I can talk to all of you again very soon, even if I do get a 9-5 job again soon. I know it's my fault we haven't talked, and I'm so sorry!

Jenn, I didn't mean to exclude you, I just hope I tell you more how much more I appreciate our relationship in person, than to need to do it on the blog - but for giggles sake - visit Jenn's Unblog. She's got the best blog concept, she posts inspiration content, and has nearly twice the posts I do!

* here's the obligatory Ravelry link - Lorna's Laces Yarn


  1. Woohoo! Go Kari! You deserve this, and I really hope it works out for you. But if it doesn't, there'll be something else just as great - I know it.

    And I'll come over and smack you if you call yourself 'awful' or 'failure' again, k? You have to be your own cheerleader too! *hugs*

  2. oh.my.gosh, you are NOT small potatoes!
    So stop second-guessing yourself and rock that interview! I know you'll do great- you have an AMAZING design sense and I totally see this as the beginning of an amazing journey for you.
    You can do it. Just remember to breathe and maybe pinch yourself once or twice during the interview! (I know I would!)

  3. Best wishes to you Kari - I am a fan of your blog and love following you - I know all will turn out great! Loved your bark recipe. Good Luck - you deserve the best!

  4. Good luck! I LOVE Lorna's Laces as I'm sure many yarn fans do. I know you will do great!!!

  5. This is so fantastic, Kari! Good luck, and I will have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you tomorrow. Oh my gosh, I am just giddy with excitement for you.

    And I second "planetjune" up there. No calling yourself names! Unless of course they are "rockstar" or "supercrafter" or something good like that.

    Keep us posted!

  6. Oooh good luck!!! That is so exciting!



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