On the Road to Spring Quiltalong - Week 3

On the Road to Spring Quiltalong
Alright, so I really shouldn't be complaining, because I did get a fairly quick start on this project, and it's my very first real quilt (although I'm done a small amount of piecing and patchwork before.) But, I am reluctant to admit that I've only made a bit of progress since last week - putting together the remaining 6 strips to total 20 finished quilt strips.

I'm a tiny bit nervous about the next step - piecing the strips together to form the top... as the squares might not all line up quite right (and if you read my blog, you'll know how anal I am about that sort of thing!) I hope to get at least half of the strips together by next week, and if I'm really going for it, maybe the entire top! (That's reaching, I know, hehe.)

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  1. my advice- pin, pin and pin some more! my first attempt went terribly because I thought I could wing it, but once I ripped that out and pinned the heck out of the pieces, they sewed together much better. You can do it!



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