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A lot of crafters have a specific craft that they do on a consistent basis. I've always felt a little different from most people, as I love trying new methods/materials. I knit, but don't consider myself a knitter. I design, but have never thought of myself as a designer. I sew, but as I haven't managed to sew anything I can actually wear, I don't think of myself as a seamstress. I find this basic concept very interesting, as I have spent some time recently trying to define what kind of crafter I am.

What I came up with, actually surprised me; I
believe I am a Craft Theorist. That is to say, I'm never satisfied doing the same thing over again, or the same way as everybody else. I HAVE to change up some detail, or add my "spin", or I become disinterested quite quickly and lose heart. It's those crafts that I have no idea how they'll turn out that I enjoy the most. Even through the failures, it's those projects that didn't have a targeted finish point (an aesthetic I'm working towards, or any visual constraints), that I've been most pleased with. I was really struggling trying to decide what one craft to define myself by, but I really can't. So here's my favorites!

Serendipity pendant:
This is one of the last pieces I made while I had access to a jewelry lab. It's one of my MOST favorite pieces my hands have ever created. I am more proud of this piece, than the one I designed the Mokume Gane billets for, funnily enough - and that's why I named it Serendipity. It was really hard to get a good picture, it's got a high polish to it, but it's beautiful in person! The rectangle rotates on the copper ring, it's not soldered onto it.

Kool-Aid dyed shoes for Craftster Challenge #11

I saw the challenge and immediately knew I wanted to participate, but struggled with what I'd do for it. Late one night, I was reading the Kool-Aid dyed yarn tutorial at Knitty, and had the EUREKA moment I was hoping for. I had a pair of dyable silk mules in my closet. They cost me 9$ - so if my experiment failed, I wouldn't be terribly upset. I knew they had to be aqua - it's my color of the season (only 5 or 6 seasons running now! LOL) and I thought it would compliment the white beading on the shoes (that I knew wouldn't take the dye.) I had no idea how my theory would progress, but I think they turned out fabulously! (I'd love to hear what anyone else might think!)

Bias Racing Stripe dropped-stitch scarf:

This was the first pattern I made for myself. I mostly winged it, but knew I wanted to try knitting on the bias, and not just a plain ol' garter stitch scarf (it's my favorite stitch though!) It's made with Classic Elite Premiere yarn (3 skeins) in color #5226 (I think it's called bluegrass?), on size 6's. The racing stripe repeats on both ends, although I wasn't really counting rows, just eyeballing the second end compared to the first. I'm really an "eyeball it" kind of woman, even though I'm somewhat a perfectionist LOL!

I hope you like my favorite projects, I certainly enjoyed making them! I'd LOVE some outside feedback, this craft blog-o-sphere is quite a new universe to me!



  1. The shoes are amazing!! I would love to do a painting of them!!

  2. I think you're my kind of crafting person, except visibly more talented! I too cannot stick to one craft or technique; as soon as I see a pattern or a how-to I start pondering ways in which I can use it while tweaking it into all sorts of directions...

    Anyway, enough about me. The scarf looks very good! The mules are gorgeous, but not my type of shoes, that's all. :) I'm very envious of people who ever have had access to a jewelry lab... Serendipity is a marvelous piece.

  3. Definitely gorgeous! They look like something out of Cinderella!

  4. Oh, and I've added you to my blog roll! :)



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