June is Finish What You Have Month!

How terribly appropriate for me! I have so many unfinished projects, it will be good to clear some of them out of the craft room & my brain! I'm normally so behind the curve on these themed months, April was Use What You Have month, and while I did do some stashbusting, my stash just isn't that big yet! My Mom donated some awesome small-scaled prints for my tsumami kanzashi flowers, though! Thanks Mom!

My list of unfinished projects looks like this so far -
  1. Pointy Kitty - needs eyes & nose
  2. Jaeger dropped-stitch scarf - needs blocking, & ends woven in
  3. Sushi knitting needle roll for Jenn - finish outside, seam to inside & add ties - this is what I'm working on now
  4. Tiffany & Co themed kitting needle roll for me! - everything except design!
  5. Aqua silk dupioni curtains - silk is cut, that's it...
  6. Line aqua wool pinched pleat drape w/ muslin - the drape is installed, but sun-damaged & some water staining! seam hem, add to drape & stab in place w/ hooks
  7. Denim boucle knitting tote - lining is sewn together, needs inner pockets, outer fabric & handle straps attached
  8. Wine corkboard - find backing material, glue on?
  9. Large ironing board - 48"x52" needs cotton batting & muslin
  10. 2 Upholstered memo boards - finish ribbons, add tufted buttons & finish backs

I've also been thinking about making a quilted sewing machine cover, a leather yoga mat bag, and a blanket to match the sofa in my living room! It sounds a little much when I read through it all, though!

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