Sweat Shoppe Swap... the goods!

I received some awesome stuff in round 2 of Craftster's Sweat Shoppe Swap!

Unfortunately, there were a few flakers, but I think it turned out ok! From Bitibis there was 2 skeins of handspun, hand-dyed yarn in two gorgeous colorways! The one on top is soft blues and purples, the photo really doesn't do the colors justice, it reminds me of a Monet! The lower one is beautiful too! It has aqua, coral & pink, and it's amazing! She said it was a mystery skein, but I love it!

From Devilninny I received a set of wonderful cherry blossom cards. They're all different, and so pretty!

I also received a set of amigurumi patterns from RubyTuesday, they're not pictured, but it was almost 20 pages worth!

From Night_Owl there was a set of mini cards, and they're really mini! they're so much fun, and they're all different!

From Blueblyth I received a mini-shrine. It's small and so cute!

From Madchandler (who wasn't my partner, and just sent me extra incense - what a sweetie!), I received awesome incense in Bright Eyes, Lemon Pucker, and Banana Nut Bread! It was such a nice suprise - Thank you so much!

From Cinderly I received a wonderful gingko leaf coaster - sorry, no pics though - it's a suprise gift for a special person in my life! Can't say who quite yet, though!

I'm still waiting for a few items, but I'll update this post when they show up! I hope everybody liked they're kanzashi flower snap wristlets!

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