May Whiplash - Miniature Quilt

First up, I have to apologize to Star; this was supposed to be a surprise, but I missed Whiplash last month because I was sick, and I really wanted to enter this month. There's a few more surprises in the package I'm sending her, so hopefully it'll still be fun for her! (This is an entry in the Project category.)

Doll Quilt

This quilt actually started as log cabin coasters, but I saw on her blog that she'd already received a set, so I decided to turn the 4 pieces into a doll quilt. That, and the fact that I was running very low on muslin really determined the finished size - it's only 9 1/2" square. A little smaller than I was hoping for, but I think it still works as a Blythe doll blanket! LOL

Doll_quilt5It's completely machine pieced and quilted. I'd love to try a hand-pieced quilt sometimes, but my patience level has been somewhat lacking lately. The centers of the log cabin blocks are silk, I read somewhere that traditionally the center blocks were red to represent the home. I liked that thought, so I incorporated it. I'm really very pleased with how this little quilt came out, and I'm sure I'll be making a few more very soon!

I'll caution anyone wanting to try and make silk trim tape - it's a bit trickier than cotton. I should have known (or guessed!) this, but I thought it would look so pretty trimming the sides. Originally I wanted to go with 1/4" trim, but I'm glad I went for the 1/2" instead. I probably saved my sanity on that one! LOL These pictures don't really show the luster and shine of the silk trim - I snapped them right before a nasty storm came through. I'm really glad I decided to use the silk instead of cotton for the trim, I think it turned out very pretty!!! I hope Star does, too!


  1. I love it! You will have to make one for your Blythe's that would be too cute! A real human sized version of that would be awesome too ;)

  2. Lovely! I have been lovin' blue and red lately so this really looks good to me.

  3. It's gorgeous! Love the fabric you used for the backing, and red + blue is always a great combo.

  4. Love this quilt. It's one of my faves. from all that I've seen. Really love the colours. Great job!

  5. any chance you would sell this quilt
    i really love it

  6. saw this on flickr and had to come tell you how fabulous it is. the quilting is amazing too! Great work.



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