Ravelry Rocks Hard!!!

A few weeks ago I got my Ravelry invite, and I quickly dove in. Unfortunately it's still in Beta right now, but they have an official sneak peek page up - here, so those of you still waiting for your invites can check it out. It's pretty amazing, and if you're a knitter and haven't heard about it, go check it out! LOL There's a home for everything, and everything in it's home! Now I wish there was a Ravelry for my sewing projects, beading and Blythe projects!

Ravelry Screenshot - Stash

Don't get me wrong, I like Craftster and a few other forum style boards, but after being exposed to Ravelry, they seem so Web1.0 compared to Ravelry's Web2.0 style. (No BBC code! LOL) Browse anything you want, any way you want, leave comments on project, pattern or yarn pages, queue up projects you want to work on next and reorder them easily. Share the projects you're working on, finished or given up on, and meet new people interested in the same stuff you are. Flickr pictures are integrated
, meaning no waiting for photo uploads! (Blog posts are integrated, too!) I'm so in love with Ravelry right now, can you tell? LOL

Ravelry Screenshot - Queue

What I love the most is the visual control I have, over my projects in progress, yarn stash and To Knit Next list; I can look at one page and see it all in one place. Before, I'd try and make text lists, or lists on my computer with that sort of info. Listing all the yarns in my stash was daunting, and sometimes I can't recognize the yarn name/brand without seeing it. Not to mention how difficult it was to keep track of my To Knit Next list in my head, and forget about reordering it! LOL Ravelry has made knitting my favorite craft lately!


  1. Now you are just being mean. I am so jealous since I am not in yet! I can't wait to try it!

  2. Ah! that looks rude. I was just being sarcastic :)

  3. Wow, looks awesome! I can't wait til I can try it out too!



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