First Ravelry Swap - Tree Branch Earrings

Tree Branch Earrings - Robin's Egg BlueIt's been a while since I made any Tree Branch Jewelry. I wrote the tutorial out last year, and had great plans of adding jewelry to my Etsy store. Well, it's been a few months since then, and I've taken a step back from the store; but I'm super excited to get back to making these. I messaged Amy on Ravelry, about her Douceur et Soie yarn (Ravelry has this great feature where you can mark your yarn for sale or trade.) She didn't need any extra yarn, and honestly I don't have that much of anything great in my stash, at least that I'd be willing to part with. LOL

She was interested in Tree Branch earrings though, and one of her favorite colors is Robin's egg blue. Ok, I'll confess… I have a few kinds of Robin's egg beads in my stash. LOL It's probably the color I have the most of, in different sizes & materials. I had the perfect little beads for her, although I'm not sure if they're glass or gemstone. They could be Swarovski, although I'm not that familiar with their color palette. I think they look quite nice with the sterling silver wire and findings, though. And they have me jazzed to add them to the store eventually, we'll just have to see how long it takes me to get my act together on that one! LOL

These are not the actual earrings I sent to Amy, I'll confess I liked them so much when I was making the first pair, that I had to make a second for myself. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Tiffany blue! (Totally, utterly gullible that is! LOL) She shipped the yarn out so fast, I wanted to make sure she wasn't waiting too long for her earrings, and I knew I'd just have to make another pair for me! LOL


  1. Wow, that color definitely pops off the sterling wire! They are gorgeous! Amy is quite lucky!

    You really need to add these to your shop, I would imagine they would sell like hotcakes :)

  2. I second what Alice said! I always admired your tree branch earrings, but I really love the silver ones (yeah, I'm a sucker for silver). They look great!

  3. Wendy27.6.07

    Those are beautiful! I really love the silver and aqua!

  4. Anonymous18.7.07

    How about that adorable little purse?

    :) Jenn



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