A Tree Scarf and a Baby Dwarf Shrub!

Tree Scarf for June!When I recently found out I'd be meeting June, I knew I wanted to make her something but I also didn't have a lot of time. I've been trying to get my fabric stash cleaned up, and when I ran across just enough brown fleece to make a Tree scarf I knew it'd be perfect for her. One of the easiest sewing projects I've ever done, the soft fleece and added tsumami kanzashi flower snap are sure to please! (I hope! *crosses fingers*) She's on her way to Chicago right now, and I get to sneaky-post her surprise! Hahaha!

For a few scarves I've even added a beaded butterfly, although I sadly didn't have the time to get one done for June by today. (June, if you'd like I'd be more than happy to make one for you, just let me know what your 2 favorite colors are!) I've really enjoyed the nature theme developing in my crafting over the last year. Organic shapes are very forgiving of mistakes, they blend in or even add character to the finished object. It's tough for me to accept mistakes when it comes to my work, so having to work with them has been both interesting and challenging. I like the freedom, but it's also intimidating a lot of times. It's easy for me to work towards perfect, because that's a definable goal (at least most of the time;) the harder part is accepting flaws as part of life, and even working with them. I guess that's why I find my affinity for nature growing at an exponential rate! LOL

Baby Dwarf Lilac Shrub

I got a dwarf lilac shrub from Park Seed a week ago, and I'm anxiously awaiting it's first bloom. I know it'll take longer than I want, but I still look it over every time I go into my kitchen. Hehe. Sorry for the sucky light levels...


  1. that scarf rocks! supercool!

  2. Kari, you were right! The scarf is perfect - I love it! It's so warm and snuggly too. I'm even (almost) looking forward to winter so it'll be cold enough to wear it. And I am honoured to have my own Crafty Ginger tsumami kanzashi flower snap!

    It was so good to see you yesterday. I had a great time and I'm so pleased it worked out so well. I will blog about it when I get back home :)

  3. That's a very pretty scarf - and so clever too ;)

  4. That scarf is freakin' fantastic! Do you have a pattern for it? If you do, I'd LOVE IT! I just happened across your site today via CraftZine.



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