My Favorite Word Meme

Although I've been blogging for over a year, I'm still not quite sure how these meme things get started. LOL So I thought I'd start one of my own, short and sweet - nothing too complicated!

Here's how it goes - once you're tagged write a short blog post about your favorite word, and what makes it your favorite. Of course you can have more than one! Be as long-winded as you like! Just make sure to copy & paste this text into your post, and tag four friends!

My favorite word is luminous. I love the feel it evokes, and how many different things it can describe. It implies a quality of light that's soft, ethereal even. It makes me think of jellyfish and moonlight. I find most silk fabrics to have a luminous quality to them, something about the sheen and luster in the way they drape is so soft and pretty. Glass is another material I often find luminous, it can have so many different colors and textures and still pass light beautifully through it.

I'm tagging June, Karrie, Shirley and Star. Can't wait to hear your favorite words, ladies! :D

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  1. Me! Okay! But I warn you - I am in a goofy mood!



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