Feature Friday - what is it?

I didn't really explain my new Feature Friday post last week, I just dove right in! So, I'll take a minute to explain what I'd like to accomplish with this new series. A while ago, I used to spotlight bloggers and Etsy sellers that I found inspiring and awesome, but it was tough to keep up with it every week, as I was doing them separately.

So, I thought I'd take the idea and tweak it a bit to fit my current thoughts and inspiration.
So, every Friday I'll be featuring sellers or products, projects, sites or tutorials that I really like, and that you need to check out! Hehe... Some, I may have featured previously, but they're still in business and making things (go you guys, years of selling is tough!)

They'll probably run the gamut as far as what kinds of crafts, so all you multi-crafters out there like me will (hopefully) get a lot out of them! I love feedback, so comment or email me with your thoughts or reccomendations - I'd love to hear them! Also, if you'd like to be featured here, please email me. I'm a little sensitive to people pitching their site/products in my comment fields - thanks for understanding!

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