WIP Wednesday - Plumeria Scarf

... and of course it's in Malabrigo lace! Haha!

Plumeria Scarf - WIP

I love this yarn, and all of the fun colors it's available in. I really like the fact that I can make a good sized scarf from one ball; that allows me to play with stitch patterns and how they look with the colors I've chosen. It's all very conducive to designing for myself - something which I've been wanting to do for some time now!

This is actually a snowflake pattern, from the Harmony Guides - Lace & Eyelets (snowflakes 1, for those who might be curious.) But I think with these colors you can tell I meant them to be flowers instead - at least I hope! Hehehe! Snowflakes in yellow, pink and orange, ha!

Plumeria Scarf

I wish I was feeling a little better about this one, but I'm just not sure... The cast on seems a tad bit tight, and the lace seems to need opening up to really resemble flowers, like I'd wanted. The colors, while juicy and delicious, are a little out of my comfort range, if you read my blog you'll know, I normally stick to cooler colors - aquamarine, turquoise, purple and lilac are my faves.

So, I'm just not sure... what do you guys think? Can you tell they're flowers, or do they really look like snowflakes? Does the cast on look too tight? Should I frog it and add a beaded cast on? I'm so tempted to, but I've knitted quite a bit already, and the wool doesn't like to be ripped out! I would like to make it more my own, than just a stitch pattern out of a book, but I'm not sure what to do.


  1. The colors are gorgeous--if you don't like to wear them yourself, maybe it could be a gift!

    The cast on does look tight--but instead of ripping the whole thing, maybe you could undo the cast on and knit down for an inch or two?

  2. That's beautiful in that stitch pattern and yarn! Love it!



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