Rain, rain - go away!

Blackberry Lake

The creek behind my house has overflowed, and is flooding the basin it sits in. I really hope that the rain stops soon, it's been going nonstop for 3 days now! It's only been a light drizzle for the most part, but because it hasn't let up for even a minute - it's totally flooded. Oy.

Oh, this is also the famous Chicago grey I'm always complaining about. It's a bit early, normally it starts closer to winter, but it's nice and drab, isn't it? Hehe.. Great for the grass, though - look at how pretty it is!


  1. It's been so rainy here, also. The sun *almost* peeked out today for a minute, but it was no match for all the clouds.

  2. Ugh, doesn't it make you feel glooooomy when the weather is like this?

  3. Oh, I'm so with you on the grumpiness of Chicagoland gloom! Just wait until February--yikes! We are hoping to go somewhere sunny that month, for a week!



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