Cocoa Stripe - winner!

Cocoa Stripe - winner!
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I'm so happy to report that my fabric design won Spoonflower's first ever Fabric of the Week Contest. That means you'll be able to buy it in their Etsy shop for ONE WEEK ONLY - and that's it.

After that, if I sell it myself, it'll be pricier - to cover overhead cost increases (not a lot, but I can't charge the same as them.) I'm thinking of doing a hand-drawn selvedge on it, though... how fun would that be??? That's my only misgiving about Spoonflower, is that there's no selvedge, unless you add it into your design. huh. Maybe some more people will now?

How does -
Smokey Stripes Collection - Cocoa Stripe Copyright 08 Kari Kail Printed by Spoonflower.com - sound? I can't do the color bubbles, like a normal selvedge, but I thought it might be worth a try anyway, i have fun handwriting.



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