I was alerted recently by a good friend that a LJ user had plagiarized my book review for Yakuza Moon.(Which I wrote over a year ago!) Not juts bits and pieces, but the whole 3 paragraphs, word for word. You can see it briefly here - as I'm not a LJ member, I cannot comment. But, I will however be asking of you - MY friends who happen to be on LJ to tell this girl what she's done is WRONG with a capitol W. I will be filing a copyright violations form against her, but expect that to take several days to go through.

Even if she didn't realize reposting it as her own was wrong, she should have asked for my permission about the review, and posted a link back to my site when I (ineveitable would've) said yes. Because I wouldv'e shared had she asked (nicely, hehe.)

Thanks guys, you are the best. What a Happy Thanksgiving for me. oy.

ETA: This piece was removed either by LJ or the OP. Oh well, at least it's over fast, and someone alerted me right away. Phurfelz - please let me know how I can thank you for looking out for me on this one! Me email addy is K | Fredrickson | AT | gmail | dot|| com (without all the text garbage... sorry, looking out for web spiders!)


  1. I've posted a comment in reply to her entry stating that her review was posted 2/11/07 (or whatever the date was) in someone else's blog and that her post is plagiarism. We'll see if she gets back to me.

  2. Glad u did something about it. I see she had removed the post.

    Hope she learns from it. Most of her entries are plagiarized anyway.

    I wonder when will this type of people learn.

  3. I have had that happen once when another blogger copy and pasted my blog post with the photos on her blog. It seems that Technorati caught it and it showed up as a comment to my post. It was not a ping back as I don't allow the whole feed to go through. After I contacted her she changed the post.



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