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No new Blogger Spotlight today... I had a very unmotivated week, what can I say? But I did manage to snag 2 Showcase spots on Etsy (finally!) They sell out fairly quickly, and I've tried at least twice with no luck. Woohoo! Today and Sunday, my tsumami kanzashi flowers & sets will be featured on Etsy's Showcase, which is a neat little advertising widget. They used to buy outside advertising for the Etsy Showcase, but I don't think they will be for this round.

I have yet to see if it's a good adverstising route for me, at 7$ per spot (which lasts for 24 hours.) But, I'm trying to really get my store and products out there; and it's really a much harder task than I first imagined. I tried to push some sales with The Sampler last month, but I don't think I made any sales from it. I did make 3 sales in March so far, but I can't seem to tell if they were to Sampler subscribers. Hmmmpph.

If you have an Etsy store (or any online shop,) what have you done to promote it? Is there anything that boosted sales more than expected? Anything really NOT turn out like you thought? I'd REALLY appreciate thoughts & suggestions here... I seem to be in a bit of a rut lately with my store. I hope I make a sale or two from these Showcase spots!

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  1. The number one thing that helped my etsy sales was writing an article for knitty about something I sell in my shop. You need one big something like that. Write an article on making flowers and sent it in to craft? Your shop will go wild!

    Your pictures are great. That's what people always say, take better pictures. But honestly your pics are already fab.



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