WIP Wednesday - Bamboo Clapotis

WIP - Bamboo ClapotisOk, so I'm not done knitting my Razor cami yet… but I just couldn't wait to cast on for my very first Clapotis! I feel so behind the rest of the crafty community when a lot of knitters have made a few of these! Well, I can finally see why, though! It seems a lot easier than it looked at first glance to me, which I guess is because all that text looks like another language to me most of the time. A language I can't read or understand, I might add… although I seem to be doing pretty good on this one! I've just started the straight section, and I'm still on my first ball!

Anyhoo, this is SWTC Bamboo in Intensity on size 6's (Knit Picks Options Circs.) I just started the straight section, but it was nice to get past the increase section. For some reason, it felt like it was taking forever to get past. The bamboo is sooooo soft, I wish I could put a little patch on the screen so everyone could fondle it as much as I do. (Ok, that sounded a little weird…) But seriously, if you haven't felt bamboo yarn, hit your LYS and go touch some!

WIP - Bamboo Clapotis Closeup

It was my sister who turned me onto bamboo. She had a small skein of silk, and she put it in my hands. Then she yanked it out and said, "Feel this!" while she placed a tiny skein of bamboo in my hands. And I knew instantly I had to make something from bamboo. Then, there was a nice article in IK Spring 07 comparing different bamboo yarns, and I knew it must be fate. So then, I had to pick what color(s) I wanted. Kpixie had a better price than YarnMarket on SWTC Bamboo, 13$ instead of 13.85$ each. But I still had trouble deciding which color. I decided to email Kpixie and ask which (of 2, Azul or Intensity,) had more aqua in it. I sent the email on a Saturday, so I thought I'd be waiting all weekend; but they got back to me right away!

It turned out to be my husband that helped the most in picking the color, (he thought the one I eventually picked was prettier than the other! LOL) But I'm really glad I chose a colorway that's a little different for me, because it had a lot of medium dusty blue in it, and I think it's going to go wonderfully well with jeans!

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  1. I haven't made the clapotis yet either - so don't feel totally left out. ;) I haven't tried bamboo yet, but your testimonial makes me even more curious about it now. That colorway is amazing.



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