Oh. my. GOSH!!!

Josephine She's HERE!!! And I'm so excited to introduce you to Josephine, my new Blythe doll! She's an I Love You, It's True; and I do love her! LOL She took a long 3 weeks to get here, but it's my own fault for trying to buy a doll from Hong Kong during Chinese New Year! Well, the wait is finally over! I can already tell she'll be addicting as others have said... I'm scouting scale Vespas on Ebay right now!

She's sporting a tiny tsumami kanzashi flower snap, made with 3/4" petals. I tried to fold 1/2" petals without any luck, but the 3/4" is do-able. It's not quite as tiny a flower as I'd hoped for, but I think it still looks cute, and isn't too big for her head. I'll probably add these to my Etsy store, once I get a few more products done & listed. Up next is more cashmere ribbon wristlet sets, and I may decide to list them ala carte as well, although that hasn't worked as well as I'd hoped with the flower snaps.


Josephine She's even got a beautiful kimono! (Which only took 3 days to get here from Japan!) And just look at the wonderful tiny tsumami kanzashi! The hair clip cinched it for me, I knew I had to get it for her, and it ended up showing up before she even arrived! It's the Harmony & Peace outfit from Takara, and I just think it's adorable! The socks & shoes were kind of a pain to get on, though!

I'd have to say, the only thing I was a little disappointed with, was that her hair isn't very curly. In her stock picture, the ends of her long blonde hair are nice & curly, but my Josie's are just wavy, and a little limp! Not to fear, she needs a shampoo anyway (it's a little greasy too!) So, I thought I'd set the ends in curlers, whenever I get around to it. (Heh, like that means anything other than not soon!)

The minute she came out of the box, I decided she'll need sand-matting too, the glare she puts off of that forehead could blind somebody! (I shouldn't talk, because it's really my five-head that made me fall in love with Blythes.) I already want another so I can customize with a mohair reroot in TIFFANY BLUE!!! (Of all colors, what'dya think I'd want? LOL) Of course, she's not the only one... I want a short & curly brunette, and a long & straight redhead!


  1. Eee, she's beautiful! Love her outfits. Can't wait to see more of her.



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