Under the Weather...

Ick… I've been feeling kinda sick the last few days. Nothing too unbearable, just a general feeling of, "I don't wanna do anything but park my butt on the sofa, watch tv and knit!" So, I started my bamboo Clapotis this weekend (look for wip pics tomorrow!) And, not really much else… which felt both good and bad at the same time, if that makes any sense! My husband was very productive, which was a little bit of a switch for us, because normally I'm the one power cleaning on the weekend. Oh well, there will always be more for me to clean, right?!? Hahaha! Here's my weekend comforts, advil for the aches, tea for all of the icky congestion and an adorable J. Crew catalog. Isn't she cute peering over her sketches? LOL


Ok, so the real point of this post was to ask (that is - beg, bribe, grovel) for tips and tricks for self care! What do you do when you're feeling down, so that you can feel better and get back to a more motivated mood? I love bath products, and usually I'd make them myself… but due to my aforementioned mood, haven't gotten around to a new batch of bath bombs yet! (I'll be perfectly honest here, it's been a couple weeks since I even cleaned my bath tub!) What do you do to find peace when the world starts to close in on you? What simple treats (or activities!) make you happy? Any special comfort foods or beverages? Please share! I'd be eternally grateful!


  1. When I feel sick and the world starts closing in on me I kind of wallow in it. I get cranky. I sleep a lot. I generally just become a prickly lay-about. Sometimes I cry because I'm so mad I'm sick. Usually my husband tortures me and makes fun of me, which can be amusing, but mostly I'm just a pain to be around. That probably doesn't help much.

    I think you don't always have to be sunshine and roses. If you're sick, why not just be sick and cranky for all it's worth? :)

  2. My favorite comfort beverage is to put 1 tsp of nescafe (or whatever decaf coffee crystals) in a mug of hot lowfat milk with a tiny bit of sweetener. It does the trick from me. And of course staking out the couch with a blanket, lots of pillows and a movie.

  3. Lemon Tea and all the merchant ivory or british period movies you can rent. A Room with a View, Emma, Pride and Prejudice. :)

    Hoe you feel better soon!

  4. I notice I feel better when I do something small, nice thing for some one. Usually, when I'm driving I'll let someone go ahead of me. If I'm at a market, I'll get a cart for the person behind me. Stuff like that...Also, writing/talking to a loved one is good. For total indulgence a piece of chocolate, definitely tea (peace w/ ginger) and something escapist in writing or movies. I agree with natalie...those movies are great! Oh, and you can't beat sparklers on a dark night. These are really fun!



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