Plum Squashy Leather Bag

Squashy Bag from Boden When I first saw this bag in the Boden's catalog, I really liked it. I wanted to get a project bag to go to Stitches with, and it was going to take 2 weeks to get here from the UK. So I went shopping, and didn't really find anything I liked. It's fall, and I didn't see any interesting colors. Only one turquoise bag, and I didn't care for the trim. (I did find a gorgeous t-shirt at J. crew though, violet with a velvet griffon on it - love it!)

Anyway, after the fruitless shopping trip I decided to look over the catalog again, and I just couldn't get over the Squashy bag. Vibrant colors, supple butter-soft leather and tons of room on the inside made this the perfect knitting project bag for me. I ordered it Friday, by Sunday it was backordered, and I had it by the following Saturday (with free shipping, to boot!) I'd highly recommend Boden's, I found them through Alicia's blog; and I know I'll be ordering more from them. It's UK sizing, so I'm a little scared of screwing up pants sizing; but they have the most gorgeous clothing. Elegant and classic, but trendy too, just not in an immature way - just what I'm looking for.

*Special thoughts go out to Alicia, who's dog unexpectedly passed away this week. Audrey was such a sweet girl, even though I never met her. We in blogland will miss her terribly, though not nearly as much as Alicia and Andy. My thoughts are with you two during these tough times.


  1. HI there- FYI, I just received my first order of clothes from BODEN yesterday. I wear between a size 8-10 pants and 10-12 tops. I ordered a 14 in both and it is a great fit. I think the quality is comparable to Eddie Bauer or JJIll and I will likely buy clothes from them again.

  2. Wow, I love that bag... It's a little out of my price range, but what a gorgeous colour! But I feel a bit mean thinking such frivolous thoughts when I'm also still upset about poor sweet Audrey - what a terrible shock to read about it. Poor Alicia and Andy must be absolutely devastated.

  3. I loooove your bag, and the plum color is perfect and will last many seasons. It really looks much more expensive than it is--such a great find. (Especially with free shipping!)

  4. Lovely bag! It has been hard to resist that boden temptation this year! That bag does not help my urges!



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