WIP Wednesday - Stargazer Kimono Sweater

I really liked this sweater when I first saw the pattern, but I was not feeling the Red Heart 100% acrylic yarn that it called for. Plus the author made her own ribbon yarn for the sash; and while I can admire her clout - just couldn't be bothered to make my own yarn for this, especially when I found a suitable bamboo tape yarn to substitute. (Sirdar Just Bamboo, in Lotus white - I bought an extra ball so I could lengthen the sash slightly, to 3".)

Stargazer WIP - Sleeve

I'm planning on avoiding as much of the seaming as possible, as it's my least favorite knitting related activity. I knit as much of the sleeve as I could in the round, and I'll pick up along the split edge for the bodice; first the "sash" in white bamboo (seed st,) then the ribbed lower body in the main color again. If I can manage it so I only have ends to weave in to finish, I'll be a happy camper!!!

This is Sirdar Snuggly DK in 398 Soft Mint, on size 6 needles. Surprisingly, I only went up one needle size to get the pattern's reccomended gauge; so I was pleased. Normally it's 2, and sometimes it's 3 or more!

Stargazer WIP - Detail

I sorta have a beef with this yarn though… so far, each ball has a very strange defect. Between 1/8th and 1/5th of the way into winding center pull balls (from the outside,) the strand was cut. It just ended, but it was a clean break - not like the yarn had been pulled apart. I was so baffled for the first and second balls, that I could barely believe my strand wasn't knotted to the adjoining end, or had obviously split from it. Now, I'm keeping track of it, and will have another update once I wind the rest of it. Ugh. I may write Sirdar about it, splicing in all of those extra ends (if I end up needing to, cross my fingers I don't!) is going to be a bitch.


  1. That is so strange about that yarn! I've never heard about anything like that before.

    In the end it will be worth it though--you'll have a beautiful sweater in (what I think is) your signature color!

  2. Nice color. Can't wait for the result

  3. That soft mint color is gorgeous. That is really weird about the broken ends...I'd definitely let them know about that.

  4. Ooo, that's looking lovely! (weird that the yarn is cut in places, hmmm...)



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