Since I missed Stitches this year, I decided I wanted to go to Knitche to check out their selection of Handmaiden Sea Silk yarn. I haven't been able to find it near me, so I met my sister there, and we did lunch afterwards. I was hoping to find the Capri colorway, light aquas with lilacs & some deeper purples; but they didn't have it.

Handmaiden Great Big Seasilk

I settled for one skein of Great Big Sea Silk in the Glacier colorway, and fell in love with some super soft 4 ply cashmere (also by Handmaiden, and in Glacier as well.) I didn't know what I wanted to make with it though, so I picked up 3 skeins so it would work for a variety of knitted objects. Admittedly, I spent more than I was planning - but the cashmere is to-die-for amazing; and I just couldn't resist it! LOL

Handmaiden 4 Ply Cashmere

I also got a wonderful lace-weight from Prism, the colors are different for me but they're absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me of Padme's lake gown from the second Star Wars, dip-dyed chiffon that flowed from yellow to pink and then a light purple. This yarn has some peach in it as well, but the shades are so delicate and yummy! I didn't have a project in mind for this yarn either, but at 1460yds, I doubt I'll run into any problems with having too little yardage. (I wanted to picture this as well, but couldn't get the colors right after correcting.) Please excuse the poor lighting of these photos, I was waiting all weekend for the sun to come out, and it's just been rainy and grey. One of these days I'll get around to getting an Ott-lite to supplement the lack of Chicago sunlight. I was hoping to find a coupon to use, they can be expensive at full retail price.

What's your favorite yarn purchase - splurge or steal? I would've said SWTC Bamboo til this weekend, and now it's hands down this cashmere! I kept having to press it to my face, it's just sooooo soft!


  1. Between this yarn and your leather bag last week you're making me want to go on a shopping spree!

    I'm not sure what my biggest yarn splurge is... but I have some GGH cashmere that I got as payment when I worked at an LYS and it is SO SOFT :)

  2. Those are beautiful. I just bought my favorite yarn a few weeks ago and it just came in. I had to blog about it because it was my first hand-dyed, natural fiber yarn. I'm just learning to knit and am using my mom's old acrylic cast offs. It was a big eye opener for me.

  3. OooOoooO, excuse me while I wipe the drool off my desk. What beautiful yarn.



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