Beige Silk Slip

Well, after a few months of procrastinating this project; I've finally picked it back up & finished it! I got the silk fabric at Vogue; I was contemplating a silk satin as well, but the tone was too yellow and it cost twice as much! I was a little concerned because it seemed semi-sheer, but it works beautifully underneath my Craft: skirt (and I'm sure it will under my other a-line skirts!)

I used my new book,
Sew What! Skirts, and drafted my own pattern, although I needed to make it smaller after I started construction. Not too hard to fix, I just sewed the skirt smaller til it fit closely over my hips. Then I enclosed the seam allowances, pressed & sewed the elastic casing (for the waistband,) closed the casing and hemmed the bottom. It's not perfect, I made the elastic casing slightly large, and the elastic tends to roll around in it. It makes a white cotton skirt wearable finally though, so I'd call this one a sucess!

On another note, it's only a month to my birthday, today; so the holidays are headed really fast! I need to get going on some projects that have stagnated!


  1. Anonymous30.11.06

    So you're a winter baby, huh? Who would've guess. I thought I had you pinned as a summer baby. *sigh* Now my dreams of being a fortune teller/psychic are shot.

  2. How did you do the lettering at the bottom of this skirt? That's so cool!

  3. I used a fabric pen, and put a printout of the words underneath the skirt (luckily it's white!) and traced them on! They look nice & crisp from afar, but the pen bled a little around the edges. No big deal!



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