Blogger Spotlight - Wee Wonderfuls

Hillary's blog was actually the first craft blog I ever visited last year! I was looking for toy patterns, I'd already made a bunch of home d├ęcor items, and wanted something 3D that wasn't too big of a project. I found her Pointy Kitty pattern, and knew I had to jump (headfirst!) into the crafty-blogging community. She's amazingly talented, and her toy & embroidery patterns are adorable! If you haven't seen her blog, quit reading & go now! It's that good!

She has a wonderful freebies section in her store, and her items usually go like hotcakes! I've been wanting her robot stuffy pattern ever since it came out; but I have so many projects going on right now, I just couldn't add one more to it! (It's totally on my wish list, I just know I'll spend a while picking fabrics out, though! LOL) She's also one of the judges for the Softy Awards, which I'm super excited about. I don't envy the judges task of finding a winner in each category, though! There's tons! (I threw my Pointy Kitty, and his lil sis, Wee Curvy Kitten in the mix - wish them luck!)

Her store is packed with fun crafty items, including these Stitchette embroidery patterns, the Robot stuffy I mentioned, and much, much more! Go take a look!

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