Moody Blues

Meh. No sun, all weekend; in fact all we got here in Chicago was snow, rain & more snow. Oh, and wind - big surprise there! I really hate the weather here… they say it only averages 88 sunny days out of the year for Chicagoland. So, no new Squiggle pics, and no pics of the just-finished ripple scarf either (yet, at least!) And I've had a crampy leg for a couple days now, so I just sat and knit most of the weekend. I've gotten past the ribbing for my third attempt at the Razor cami, and because I've done it so many times, the razor shell pattern is very easy.

My first try was with the reccomended yarn, Sirdar Snuggly. I only bought 2 balls of it, and ran out before I finished the straps. To boot, it's a bit too small - to the point where I don't think I'll wear it, even if I could figure out a good strap option. The second try was with Lion Brand Microspun, and I added 2 extra repeats instead of 1. When I checked the yardage, I realized I had less of the Microspun than the Snuggly, and I was trying to knit a bigger garment. Oh well… I bought 5 balls of Microspun for this attempt; and I'm quite confident it'll go better than the first 2. The Microspun is soooo soft, and I'm really looking forward to having a real garment to wear (up til now, I've only knit scarves, wraps & a few other accessories.) Yeay first sweater!

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  1. Eeee, all those sound like great projects, I can't wait to see them. Sorry about the weather. At least Spring's around the corner.



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