FO Friday - Squiggle Shawl

Ok, so I'm probably the world's slowest knitter. It took me over a month to finish this shawl, but I was working on Sampler goodies, and the cast off edge really had me thinking for a bunch of days. I wanted to match the cast on edge, which was just twisted loops. I actually cast on first with long-tail and the chenille, but when I tried to gently stretch it out, I ended up breaking the yarn, and had to start over again.

Squiggle Shawl

It worked out ok, I'm very pleased with the outcome - even if it did take a while for the simplest knit project ever! LOL It's just garter stitch (horizontally,) and clip each end to knot & fringe. Easy Peasy! (I actually ended up sewing the cast off edge, if anybody's interested I can post pics of how I did it. It was kind of painstaking with the hairy Suri Dream yarn, but I imagine it would be easier with non-hairy yarn.)

Squiggle Shawl FlatYou can find the pattern at here at Magknits. Super simple, and I'm sure you can substitute just about any yarn combinations your heart desires. The original pattern calls for 3 yarns, but I was happy with just 2 (that my Mom gave me for Christmas - Thanks Mom!) And I significantly changed the pattern repeats since I was only using 2, but I love my version and isn't that the point of knitting for yourself?!?!? LOL I'm soooo looking forward to bringing it with on my next cruise - Hawaii in October!

Please forgive these photos... I just had to get to the grocery store before sunset; and that means these are lit with a flash (ick!) Sorry! I'm hoping the sun peaks it's head out over the weekend, so I can shoot another round of pics. Cross your fingers for me!


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  1. It's beautiful, Kari. Wow. You're going to look fabulous in Hawaii! I'd love to see how you sewed the cast-off edge.



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