Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes! Well, normally I'm not one for such commercial holidays, but I've seen so many awesome cupcakes around Blogland lately, and I had cake mix & frosting sitting around… So, I thought I'd throw my hat in, and whip up some V-day treats. These are made with a butter white cake mix and cream cheese frosting. I tried to make heart templates from paper to dust the red sugars on in a fun pattern, but only 2 came out heart shaped! LOL Can you tell which 2? Bwahahaha!

My husband keeps reminding me that they still taste just as good; but I still wish they'd come out a little better. Oh well! The cake mix made 2 dozen cupcakes, but I only have a dozen left! I knew I should have taken the pictures when I made them, but it was dark, and I was hoping for some sun to photograph them. (I should have done it Saturday, it was sooo blue and sunny; Sunday rolled around and it went back to grey! So, sorry for the crappy lighting!) I hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day!

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  1. They still look mighty tasty to me!



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