Tiffany Box Pin-cushion

I was over browsing through Whip Up, when I saw the CUTEST pin-cushions ever! Mini cakes & pies - talk about delicious! Although I love cakes & pies, when I saw the picture I knew I had to make mine a Tiffany Box! Here's the two together, the real Tiffany, and my pin-cushion box.

Well, it turns out the original idea came from Aoi, over at Craftster, so I want to give her snaps! Go Aoi! You rock! Mine's made from scraps of aqua wool gabardine (my new pinched pleat drape!), it's 3" square, and the "lid" is 1" tall. The ribbon is 7/8" wide white satin (and the bow took about a dozen tries - I'm no Tiffany & Co. employee!). I lined the interior with the paper tape I used to support my drape (I guess it's called buckram? Anybody know?) to give it some stiffness at the corners, and make it really boxy! Here's a closeup of just the pin-cushion.

I'm pretty proud of the finished product, it's my first handsewn item I'm happy with (I'm kind of a perfectionist). Now I hafta go out and make a set of white bow shrinky-dink pins to match!

If you've got questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!

Did I mention I love Tiffany boxes? It's funny because I don't always love their jewelry (I like some of it, just not all); but something about the whimsy their packaging evokes really captures my interest, and I think the tiny boxes are so cute!


Poor little blog...

I need to put some life into this page design, I hate templates, and I am a designer after all.
Obviously it will feature Ginger, the both joy/bane of my life/existence...I love her natural curiosity, and the strange fear that tempers it; even bringing in the daily mail incites both excitement and fear. The excitement always wins, and she must nibble corners off immediately...
I also want it to be a place to share all of my craftiness, so the page should showcase the work, not overpower it.


Ginger...Crafty as a fox!

This is Ginger, my nearly two year old Shiba Inu. She's the source of a lot of joy and frustration for me, as she's just as stubborn as I am!

Also known as (AKA): The Nibbler, Gino Beano
My first post in my first blog... I feel like such a loser, all years behind on this stuff! I just hope I can pick this up a little quicker than I did Photoshop!


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