FaceBook Friends Needed!

To confirm that I indeed write this blog, I need at least 8 more friends to verify it for me! So, if you add me as a friend - I'm Kari Kail, (no profile pic, mention CraftyGinger in your "add friend" message please!) I'll be indebted to you forever! Thanks blog buddies!


Squee!!! A Comic Book about Knitting!!

I'm super excited to announce that I received my sneak peek of HandKnit Heroes, and I have to confess that I love it so, so very much, on the geekiest, nerdiest level inside of myself!!!

See, I worked at a comic shop when I was 13; putting backing boards and books into bags, and taping them shut... for 5 cents a piece! So naturally, I developed quite the efficiency for this task. In the few years I stayed there, I saw so many books it could make your eyelids want to peel off... if you're a girl, and you believed in modern feminism - as I did, and still do.

So anyhoo - back to the book! I wondered what it would be like, signing up for the preview; and I have to say I'm not disappointed! It's a real comic book, with great characters and a well written story, and it's about knitting, AND it has a pattern at the back! Can it get any better than this? I kinda doubt it... although who knows for sure what's next, for the web and knitting worlds??? It's actually funny, too - which I always found to be lacking in old comic books. They'd try alright... waaaay too hard. HkH got it just right! Can't wait for issue #2!

The pattern, the POW! Hooded Scarf (link works for Ravelry folks only - sorry!) is simple and yet so adaptable; picking different colors or fibers of yarn could make it so different, depending on your taste and needs. I'd even think about lining the pockets with sewn fabric, just so I could throw this on to head out grocery shopping - and NOT have my keys snag in it!


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