Buy My Fabric?!?! Yeay!

Today's the day, and I can hardly believe it! Spoonflower's opened a shop, so I can sell my fabric designs, along a gazillion others, which I'm sure is why the site's a little slow. Don't worry, if you want Cocoa Squiggly Stripe, my very first ever repeatable fabric design - you can buy it right now! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about this, and I can't wait to see how it's used! (Please email me, or you can upload to my Flicker group.)

Cocoa Squiggly Stripe

It might be worth mentioning that I won Spoonflower's first ever contest with this design, way back last year! (It feels like so much longer, somehow...lol) I have a recent print of this, on their new fabrics, and they look a lot better than a print run I did a few months back - so I'll try and get pics of the new stuff, for those who need to see the print on real fabric before they buy!


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