Another day, another year gone by...

Wow, I've become one of those bloggers... you know, the ones that say they want to write and post more, but who never seem to get around to it??? Yep, that's me. Nail on the head, there. And really, I wish I had more to show for this year. I had such big plans, and I managed to screw up a major portion of the year, somehow.

I know that my late vacation this year had something to do with it, but it didn't even feel as relaxing as last year's (it had to be the food. Last year we had a kick-ass waitress and a semi-private table, this one we had a private table and the worst waiter on the ship. Seriously.) And in general, food has been my Achilles heel this year. I'm terrible at just getting enough food in me to not feel sick a lot of the time, and even though I know I'm a picky eater, I think there may be some underlying causes to this. I don't really want to go into them here, though.

Another component I think I may be missing out on is finding new blog-buddies, as it's been forever since I went out and commented on one that's new to me (or new in general!) So, that's definitely going to be a part of my new year strategy. I hate to be the "New Year's Resolution" kind of person, that only makes a goal because it's the new year; but the timing is actually good for this, and I really need some new friends! (Can you sense another contest coming soon?!?!?!)

Do you have plans for the new year? Are you trying to focus on one thing or another in your crafty/personal life? How do you balance the daily grind with your creative life?


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