What did I really learn??? And a contest!

Way back when... I decided to focus on what made me happy, and somwhere in the process I put my focus on everything but that. I focused on the negatives in my personal relationships instead of the positive; I saw only negatives when I looked at myself, small-business wise. I saw myself in the most negative light, and without a gauge to help me realize how bad a rut that was, I fell right smack dab into it. (Yes, I am a blonde... make a joke about it and you're disqualified! J/K!)

I'm feeling physically better these days, as well as emotionally. I've tried to let go of some of my anger, because holding onto it did me no good... in fact, it probably made me sicker, longer. I've also realized that time is very short in this life, and that if I want to explore myself within that, I have to stay dedicated. I have high hopes, and I hope that I can achieve my goals this year.

And, I can see great things for crafty-diy types this year... I can't exactly put my finger on how I know, but I can feel it, like I can feel the rain coming in my knees. (Oh yeah, they're terrible, both of them, and considering my age, it's something I should probably take care of, but you know... I have much more fun things planned for this year!)

Ok, and one last update! I never did get my sister's "New Mom" box in the mail, so I thought I'd take advantage, and make two! It'll include bath bombs in generic scents, with minimal oils (not too slippery,) maybe lip balm, or whatever I feel like trying in the next couple weeks.

That mean YOU can win a "New Mommie" box, too! Whether it be for you, or the new mom in your life, be she a friend or relaitve, co worker or just an amazing woman who really deserves it. (Please keep in mind I don't use preservatives, so these products will need to be used in appx. 2-3 weeks.) From what I know of new moms, that won't be a problem! :)

So, leave a comment here, and tell me who deserves to be pampered, spa-at-home style. I'll keep the drawing open until Saturday the 28th, and I'm open to the preferences of the winner. Fine print - please only enter once (and Jenn, you already won one, so you're not eligible, sorry!) I'll use a random number generator to determine the winner, so please leave an email or way of contacting you. If I can't contact the winner in 4 weeks, I'll redraw another. Thanks for reading through, and good luck!!!


FO - Lilac Hemlock Ring Blanket

As soon as I saw it on Brooklyn Tweed's blog, I knew I had to make one. The tricky part is, I wasn't sure whether I should keep it for myself, of give it to my baby niece (as her belated Christmas present. More on that later...) But, as soon as I got through the doily section with the flower petals, I knew it would be better for her than me. It's lilac, and although I love the color, I thought a blanket for my own home might need to be a bit more neutral.

Plus, this means I had an actual handknit for her first Christmas, which I'm super pleased with! (See, I was sick during most of my Christmas plans, so I've just made most of them up this week! Bad Kari, baaad!) I was super nervous that I'd transmit my sinus infection to my gift recipients, but I'm all better now - so hopefully just the wash and blocking will nix that as a possibility.



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