New Mommy Box Contest Winners!

Well, seeing as there were only 5 entries in my New Mommy Box contest, so I decided I should just send boxes to all of them! Plus one (my sis,) makes a nice even half-dozen boxes; so each of you should get 3-4 bath bombs and a smattering of other bath goodies. I'll need your (or the intended recipients,) address, and I'll contact each of you via email for that privately. If I can't get in touch with you myself, you can email me at crafty/nospace/ginger/at/gmail/dot/com.

I was really hoping there would be more entrants, but I guess it's better that I can send something to everyone. Please let me know if your "Mom" has any allergies or super strong dislikes. Right now my fragrance oil supply is mostly florals, and really... who doesn't like jasmine? Hehehe.

Laura, Radfrog, Annemarie, Twinsplus1 and Jennifer - you're all winners today! :)


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