Some More Cupcake Pops! (and Poops! Ack, can I say poop in a title?)

Cupcake Pops - Closeup Detail
I decided to make these cute cupcake pops for myself and Dear Sis, and I just happened to find the cutest pastel confetti candy melts for the tops! Aren't they so much fun?

Cupcake Pops

This particular batch of cake pops started as a devious idea in my head for these - cake poops! 

Cake Poops

My DH is going through a rough patch, and my grandmother recently passed away... so it kinda went from just a tongue in cheek joke, to a "I may have to laugh at these or I may cry..." kind of moment... 

At least they're cute, or funny - depending on your sense of humor...


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