Nearly FO - Little Niece's Dress

Elinor's Dress

When I came across this pattern on Ravelry, I thought it was one of the cutest baby knits I had ever seen. So naturally, I had to make one for my new niece, Elinor. Then I saw that Knit Picks had a new sock yarn that's both superwash and super-soft, super-duper! Hahaha!

Elinor's Dress - Full Length She's quite the little big'un, so I had to be careful not to make it too small. I'm glad most of the clothes I've given to my sister for her weren't newborn-sized, she'd have grown out of them nearly immediately!

Project Specifications - see it on Ravelry!
  • Pattern - Little Sister's Dress by Tora Frøseth Design
  • Yarn - Knit Picks Self Striping Felici Sock Yarn - Mixed Berries (2 balls)
  • Needles - Knit Picks Metal DPN's sz3 (6",) Addi Lace circular sz3 (32",) Addi Turbo circulars sz3 (24" & 16")
  • Notions - 3 lilac flower buttons (1/2") & 3 magenta cat's eye buttons (1/4")
One of the nicest features of this design is that it's totally seamless, which I love. I have enough problems procrastinating weaving in the ends, it's not that hard but I just don't enjoy it at all. I'm definitely planning on knitting more baby clothes from Tora Frøseth, her designs are simple but so lovely and fun, all at the same time. (I'm thinking it will be Magda, another cute baby top/dress.)

Elinor's Dress - Button Detail

I'm not entirely sure how I ended up with the placket on the opposite side. I had to adjust the pattern so I knit the front section first, then bound off for an armhole. Next I knit the back, and then bound off for the second armhole. It wasn't too difficult to judge from the pictures what I should be doing, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what I screwed up! It wasn't too hard to deal with though, and I think it turned out just fine. Except for the opening being on the opposite side, you'd never know there was any difference from the written pattern, so I'm pleased I could work through my issues instead of letting them stop me. There's a bunch on Ravelry with the placket reversed like mine, so I feel a little bit better! :)


WIP Wednesday - Glacier Diamonds Scarf

Glacier Diamond Scarf

I was so surprised how fast I cast on for this after I finished my Smokey Pearl Scarf. Glacier Diamond Scarf - DetailReally, really fast! I liked the version I made with Handmaiden's Lady Godiva yarn, and coincidentally the Great Big Sea Silk I had in my stash had the same gauge and exactly the same yardage. (Both are 273yds, just in case you're curious.)

Glacier is one my favorite colorways in Handmaiden's lineup, although they make it very tough to decide - they're all so beautiful! I'm also fairly pleased with the semi-striped effect - enough to be interesting, but not so much that it's totally obvious. Just right!


The I can't believe it's another Lace Ribbon Scarf (but it's really a wrap!)

aka the longest post title ever! (I think it will actually be named the Lavanda Lace Ribbon Stole, because "the I can't believe it's another Lace Ribbon Scarf but it's really a wrap" is just too long.

Lavanda Lace Ribbon - Detail

It happened so fast. I had only cast off for my first Lace Ribbon Scarf (aka Smokey Pearl) days earlier, but I just could not get it out of my head. Like that friggen
Lavanda Lace Ribbon Kylie Minogue song... hehe. Then I got into a funky mood I just couldn't shake, and I decided that another lace ribbon project would be fun & enjoyable, knowing that I've worked the repeats a bazillion times already. I actually did lose a stitch on one of my k2tog's, but I dropped the row down and fixed it, then used a tiny crochet hook to work all the stitches back up to my working row. Normally I'd have ripped back to the mistake and fixed it, but it was 9 rows back, and it's 107 stitches wide. I'm proud I could manage it without ripping back, I'm so obsessive about mistakes sometimes.

Lavanda Lace Ribbon - End

On an entirely different note, where the hell did June go?!?!! This whole year has gone so fast, it seems. I just really wish I had more to show for it - lately it's like if I have the time & energy to craft, I don't get around to blogging about it. But, If I spend the time blogging, it's like I don't have the motivation to craft as well... kind of a weird feeling, especially since I wish I could do it all.


Cupcake Pops!

Oh my word, Bakerella has done it again! As if her totally delicious cake pops weren't cute enough, she's reinvented them in the form of mini-cupcakes! Of course I had to try and make my own, and I think they're actually a bit easier than traditional cake pops. Definitely cuter!

Cupcake Pops

I ended up ordering a few molds on Amazon, normally I like to buy locally; but for whatever reason, I could only find very small cup molds. Bakeralla's link works great, the cups are big enough for my regular sized cake pop balls (approx. 1 rounded teaspoon.) Hehe, balls. Deciding how much candy melt I needed around the bottom & sides was a bit tricky.The fun part was topping them off! I even added some sprinkles! Don't they look delicious?!?!?!!!


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