FO Friday - Clementine Shawlette

Clementine Shawlette

Clementine Shawlette - CloseupWowsers! I let this UFO sit so long! No reason, really - except I'm not a huge fan of grafting! Hehehe. I was going to use Lucy Neatby's method, which I found via Ruthless Knitting. This blogger's Clementine pictures helped a ton too, I'm really a visual learner.
(Unfortunately I got super lazy, and just used a 3-needle BO.) Before blocking, the two halves measured 26" long by 7 3/4" wide. Post wet blocking it grew to 28" long by 10" wide (that is, before I grafted the two pieces together.)

Clementine Shawlette - Discolored

I consider this my first real lace, because it was my first time working with a chart. I'm so happy I didn't let the fear of the unknown stop me from knitting this, it was really fun to knit, and I'm thrilled with the finished object.

Clementine Shawlette - Tie(With the small exception of the small black spot, which my ball winder inflicted as I carelessly wound the skein into a center pull ball. It got less noticeable after I wet blocked it.) Another beautiful Clementine to drool over is Octopus Knits'. It's actually my inspiration, because she used 2 skeins of the same yarn I had on hand. And it's teal. Grin. Aren't the ties so unique? I love them!

Project Specifications - see it on Ravelry!


FO Friday - Raspberry Delight Scarf

Ooops! I'm late to post this, but i guess better late than never, eh? Hehe.
Raspberry Delight

You know, it should be called the "Lazy Ribbon Scarf," because it's so easy - and I've done the repeats so many times now, I could do the 24 row chart in my sleep with one arm tied behind my back… (well, not really! But, you get my point!)

Raspberry DelightIt's easy. Really. I promise, once you "get it" - it's like riding a bike. Lace may be scary at first because it looks so complex and impressive; but it's not impossible to manage! Especially if you're knitting with Malabrigo! It's yummy in a way only a knitter can understand!

So, admittedly this one took me longer than anticipated to finish. I wanted it done by the end of February and it's June now. I know, (please don't remind me!) But, to be fair, it's only because I procrastinated it until the absolute last minute, for no other reason than I'd done this pattern a bunch of times already! Ha - and Oy - both!

This was the first time I'd done this pattern in a variegated colorway though, so that was a lot of fun. I'm almost sad to gift this one away I like it so much! (I have enough of these Lace Ribbon things, though! Hahahah!)

Specs: see it on Ravelry!


My Belated 3rd Blogiversary Makeup!

Wow, I can't believe I missed it. I mean, 3 is my favorite number, and I did start blogging on March 3rd (06.) But somehow, I managed to miss my third bloggiversary this year - and I'm kinda pissed at myself! For more than just that, but that's another story entirely. Don't ask.

It's hard to believe it's been so long, because I've let things get so stagnant around here for so long. No new cake pops, knitted items or home projects. All was quiet on the Crafty Ginger front; but I'm hoping to change that in the coming months. I have a few projects already finished, and a few more started and on their way to being finished. I have a few packages I owe - so, so sorry Mommy Box winners - I haven't forgotten about you! (In fact, now I feel so guilty, you guys might get even more!!! Hehehe.)

Anyhoo, I guess it's just a placeholder post. More for me, to see if after this point I can really live up to my own expectations of myself... or fall into something wonderfully unexpected. Which is what I've been hoping for, for a long, long time. (Something I don't let slip too often, I like my laquered shell most of the time. Sue me.)


Finishing Frenzy! (W/O Pics - Sorry!)

Yesterday, I went on a fanatical finishing frenzy on my knitting. Four FO's got their ends woven in; and I took a much more honest inventory of the WIP's I still have going. Some I'll finish knitting, but others need to be ripped back, or out entirely. It's the nature of the universe, I guess - that you can't get everything right all of the time.

I wish I could share more pictures today, but so many are gifts; and I want them to reach their recipients first - before I post pictures. And, to be honest, a few of them are SUPER EARLY - so I was super sure not to be late finishing them. (A fate more than one of my gifts have suffered from. And, one I want to avoid as much as possible! Hahaha!)

It feels good to have them really, finally finished - and wearable. But, if I'm really feeling honest, some have waited nearly a YEAR to have their ends woven in. Poor FO's!

Oh yeah, and how the hell is it June already? I know time marches on, but DAMN man! This year it's feeling a little ridiculous. Rant over.


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