My Belated 3rd Blogiversary Makeup!

Wow, I can't believe I missed it. I mean, 3 is my favorite number, and I did start blogging on March 3rd (06.) But somehow, I managed to miss my third bloggiversary this year - and I'm kinda pissed at myself! For more than just that, but that's another story entirely. Don't ask.

It's hard to believe it's been so long, because I've let things get so stagnant around here for so long. No new cake pops, knitted items or home projects. All was quiet on the Crafty Ginger front; but I'm hoping to change that in the coming months. I have a few projects already finished, and a few more started and on their way to being finished. I have a few packages I owe - so, so sorry Mommy Box winners - I haven't forgotten about you! (In fact, now I feel so guilty, you guys might get even more!!! Hehehe.)

Anyhoo, I guess it's just a placeholder post. More for me, to see if after this point I can really live up to my own expectations of myself... or fall into something wonderfully unexpected. Which is what I've been hoping for, for a long, long time. (Something I don't let slip too often, I like my laquered shell most of the time. Sue me.)


  1. I am so glad you are back as I have been worried about whan happened to you. I had almost forgot about the Mommy Box! Hope all is well and please do not be so hard on yourself. We all need a break!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing more Crafty Ginger posts soon - yay! :)



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